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HELLO AGAIN & A Merry Christmas! Hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving with family and friends. I wanted to wait to reply until I’d had enough time to digest all the questions I fielded because of Camp X. How many of you actually saw Camp X – Secret Agent School?


In the past few weeks, with the end of Veterans Day and our Remembrance Day here in Canada and now the start of the Christmas rush, we have had an exciting time with our business because of you. In fact immediately following November 11th we had so many hits on our website and downloads of my book “In The Footsteps of Heroes” it crashed the site. Encouraging Right! Apparently a lot of you watched Camp X and got inspired.


So now you want to train with me and the questions of ..”how to do that?”… have been coming fast and furious. Fantastic, we connected and I can try and accommodate you. So let’s look at the easy way first of how to go about doing that.



…If you have not already done so download the free history book and home safety report on my site. Have a read through those and of course my blogs then go to my’ RSM Wolfe You Tube Channel’ and take a good look at the content there it’s all FREE! That will give you a solid idea of what I do and why I try so hard to keep the system of combatives you saw portrayed in Camp X going.


# 2...

The next step, for you around the globe,- since you’re most likely not ready to travel all the way to Vancouver Canada for that training, I would suggest two effective options. You’ll need a like-minded training partner. Do you have someone in mind. Again go to my website and have a look at the training DVD’s I offer on the store. A long time ago Black Belt Magazine stated (and I paraphrase), “These are the most complete self defense training series ever made” and me “one of the top ten reality-based instructors in the world”.  I still stand behind the training material on these tapes and I’ve sold them all over the world more than a few times and they are still selling very well. As a follow up to the DVD’s I recently launched an online training program called ‘Combatives College’, short lessons, this content is a follow up to the DVD’s and answers the tons of questions I have received about this type of training over the last 20 years. Combatives College you can access anytime and anywhere you have access to a computer and the internet.  It’s a solid one on one personal training with me and will fill in the many missing pieces for you. Also the DVD’s and online training will put you on the same page knowledge wise with me. If you do come on a live training event we won’t have to start over at zero. If you want those DVD’s for a Christmas present you had better order now to avoid Christmas mailing delays. OK you’ve gone through the above steps and you’re keen to get on the mats!


Bill Wolfes 4 day core course


…The next step of course is joining live training events and I can offer you 2 day, 4 day and 14 day training programs. These too are listed on my website.  If you want more ‘nuts & bolts info’ on them, I have and still do travel to teach these events but I donot host them with the exception of the 14 day event and instructor training courses. The 2 & 4 day programs are generally organized by interested event coordinators and I provide the training for a reasonable ‘all inclusive fee’. These are done through my training company and I have been a service provider since retiring from police service. If you are interested in this service and support, contact me for the how to. Yes these programs are based on my military and police certified programs that I have been conducting for some 40 years. Therefore, the training standards for a civilian program are extremely high and my method of instruction is a military accelerated learning process which nets max results and a fun challenge for you. Yes they are physically and mentally challenging as one should expect coming from an instructor with my military and police background. This is old school and no nonsense based. It’snot military training for civilians but military training courses programmed for non-military participants.  In Camp X you saw my civilian students undergoing my combatives training and they filmed parts of it for the documentary. The next 4 day CORE Course is being held in Vancouver Canada January 29thto February 1st2016.  Goto for more details.



Bill Wolfe trainers & instructors


…A lot of you are interested in instructor training, ‘Train the Trainer Programs’. If you read my book you’ll understand why I am not an Empire but rather run a military-based training company now. I can’t speak for what other trainers or their organizations are doing, but here’s what I will offer you and it is based on 20 years of experience in training civilian self defense instructors to meet their full potential. First off, to start the process you must attend my intensive 14 day live in course. Consider it a ‘selection’ if you will, and there are no exceptions everyone regardless of background goes through it. If you make that and I like your commitment and you now know this is the logical next step for you, being an instructor, then you may attend my MOI (Method of Instruction) Courses. My system of combatives training is divided into 3 logical tiers, therefore there are 3 instructor modules designed for each tier that you’ll have to take; in-order they are; Hard Target Instructor, Combat Tech Instructor and S.T.A.R. Instructor. Each course is 5 days in length and covers the PO/EO’s of each program. On the 14 day course you will have learned the fighting techniques, tactics and mental aspects of these tiers and during the 5 day MOI Courses I will teach you how to train people in those skill sets. It is not an overnight process nor are you just getting your ticket punched, it is an in-depth no nonsense program for serious individuals. It can be a costly process as well to move through the various stages and it will also require time commitment and planning on your part. But in the end you will have earned an authentic qualification and what you do with it after that is up to you. This training process is a needed step for you and is invaluable in the knowledge and confidence it gives you. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve accomplished during this process so it’s an investment in yourself and it may just launch you off in a new career direction. I am now putting together my 2016 teaching calendar so watch for more on this later.


By now if you have done your homework you’ll have a pretty good idea of where I am coming from when it comes to teaching combatives today. I am not moved by the fads whether martial arts, military or police based because as most of you mentioned to me they are far to sporty. I made a promise to a group of WWII Vets I honour and respect from the First Special Service Force that I would keep this system alive and try if I can to pass it on to the next generation. They also made me promise to make them out to be fighters not lovers and that I do. I had the honour to solider under many of these mentors and what they taught me has stood me in very good stead in the darkest of times, saving my life on a few occasions. I have done two documentaries thus far showcasing these men and their legendary training in the Devils Brigade and Camp X – Secret Agent School. If you train with me you train ‘In the footsteps of those heroes’.



Host Bill Wolfe Training, seminars, workshops, courses

If you are seriously interested in organizing a training event in your area give us a call or email and we can review the idea, learn about your goals and strategies for next year, and walk you through the programs to see how we can maximize on what we can bring to your area.


I hope you can make use of the content I offer and it opens a more than a few eyes to just how well trained your Dad, grandfather or in some case your great grandfather really was compared today’s military in this subject. Also here is a chance to see if you are tough as they where! After all this is the most combat proven system of training known and it is important we do not forget how and why it was taught something today’s military leaders sure have or we would not be reinventing the combatives wheel teaching soldiers sports based skills passed off as military combatives,

I hope to see you on the mats very soon.

Warmest regards and Merry Christmas Bill Wolfe

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