Tips to Get Back on Track with Your Goals

get back on track

[Flex your Wolfes Combatives Muscles] Tips to Get Back on Track with Your Goals to Build your Mind & Body and healthy lifestyle


Did you set out to make a “fresh start” because the New Year was the “perfect time” to improve upon some area of your life? For most of us, we resolve to become more fit whether it be through cardio or strength training. However, a couple weeks in, some of us fall back into the good old comfortable standby: laziness. Why? Well, it’s just easier that way and who’s watching?

As an Expert Combatives teacher, Ex-SWAT Cop, Army Commando, and old guy whose bodies got a lot of hard miles on this situation can be all too familiar. The New Year gave you a “fresh start” which was the “perfect time” to make goals: get more time at Wolfes Combatives, build health, and increase personal safety. However, with each passing week, is your training commitment expanding or is it stagnating? Staying on track isn’t always a smooth ride; it takes dedication.


Top 7 Wolfes Combatives Tips to Get Back on Track

Rekindle your motivation to build your mind/body connection with quality combatives, and get closer to achieving your resolutions with “PT strength” training:

  1. Inspiration: A couch potato is the only vegetable that’s not good for you. They shouldn’t be allowed in a gym. Some people have buddies or workout partners to motivate them. What “buddy” do you use to motivate you to train? Is it music? Maybe meditation? Or even reading the local or world news on various websites about how violent its getting?   Maybe it’s the fact you get to train with Bill Wolfe the guy Black Belt say’s is one of the best in the world?  Find your motivation to gain fodder to get to class. Whatever it takes, run with it and train with it!
  1. Warm Up: Athletes know for certain it’s important to warm up before exercise – your flexibility and circulation improves, along with balance and coordination. Warm up your enthusiasm by thinking positively all day about getting out of the house to train. Embrace the flow of positive feeling and keep your equipment bag packed!
  1. Skill: Any Wolfes Combatives student will tell you that practice is crucial in executing the perfect technique. Can your couch potato mentally say the same? From the top of your head, all through your body, and down to your toes, be sure all the important body parts are there to support the training you want to learn. Is it fit? Is it filled to the brim with confidence? Is it chocked full of personal value or is it putting you down?  “Excuses are reason for failure”.
  1. Training with Purpose: After you’ve exhausted your breath with the last combatives drill you did, are you shaky or confident? As a warrior, you’ve pushed yourself hard; now think about how your mind/body feels. Is it positioned correctly for the next drill? Stand tall with ALL of your knowledge, not just some of it. After all, you’re prepared; weakness is leaving your body!  Now just remember your tactical breathing.  If you want easy “Do Cross Fit!”, “You wants Rules Do MMA” – “You wanted real Wolfes Combatives is still the only school in town!
  1. Attendance: Interval attendance, alternating between PT and combatives, can be intense, but incredibly rewarding because it requires all of your effort. When it comes to your training, the intensity you put into your efforts can be just as rewarding. Show off what you know. Flesh out your expertise; don’t tease it out by showing off with your friends to see. You’ve worked hard for it so make them come to class and find out what you’ve worked so hard for!
  1. Nutrition: A warrior needs the proper diet to perform combatives skills in our classes or on the street otherwise your opponent will have a clear advantage. Proteins, fruits and veggies, grains, and plenty of liquids are important to keep you moving efficiently. Sluggishness happens to all of us with to much sugar and wheat products. Ask yourself, “What can I improve?” What you put in your body also affects how your mind functions. How about a healthy dose of kiwi fruit before you train? Two kiwis have more punch then all those ‘red bulls’ and supplements you love and they are healthy for you!  A clear thought process is needed to pack a punch.
  1. Hydration: Who can forget this one? You’re not going to get very far in a class without hydrating to fuel your efforts – in fact, you will stumble and fall. Likewise, you need to remember your water discipline; two mouth full’s, swill it around and slowly swallow it and delivers your mind/body the boast without any embarrassing hiccups as the pallet is re-energized and your stomach is not blotted.  And remember there are no water breaks when you’re up to your ass in alligators!

Either get back on track with your efforts or start now by resolving to get back to class increase your attendance. There is no time like the present the 1st of the month is near: Keep on task with your health efforts, give your body a well rounded “Wolfes Combatives workout,” and watch your skills and mind/body connection grow to become one that comes with all the bragging rights it deserves.

How do you stay motivated in your efforts Wolfes Combatives! Legendary training giving you strength and fighting flexibility and street-craft!  Get to Wolfes Combatives – we’d love to see you!

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