The Great Cull

cull the crap

A walk-in-closet is a great place to feed moths….


Lately my wife has been culling our household. Inspired by the ‘French capsule wardrobe’ concept she has adapted it to everything.

She’s culling everything from kid’s clothes to kitchen dishes – Why? Well when you have 3 kids 3 yrs and under you too will want to cut the ‘FAT’ out of your day. A mountain of laundry and dishes– NO MORE – the great cull.

“That’s nice Wolfe thanks for sharing”…. So what the hell does that have to do with TRAINING?


That mountain of clothing and dishes is like the mountain of self defense techniques you have learned that’s making it difficult for you to learn realistic self defense. Don’t you think it is time to cut through the fat! – Cull out the crap – Get right to the down & dirty no-nonsense, simple NO BS skills!

A case in point, Colonel Dingeman just handed me a copy of the US Army Combatives manual TC 3-25.150 (FM 3-25.150) and I was wondering how a soldier is going to learn ALL those techniques and be able to pull them off under fire! It was not simple stuff and therefore struck me there was a lot of BS in those pages that required a shit load of culling.

There is a tendency from my own experience, now spanning almost 50 years, of martial arts, military/police, combatives instructors and the like to keep adding in technique while never throwing anything out, creating one hell of a lot of curriculum to learn. It’s like this big ass kit bag of stuff you’re suppose to know and carry around with you that never really gets used. So what’s the point of it? When will we learn to cull?

Let’s face it a street confrontation or military combat is where one wants that training; skill and knowledge based on the ‘K.I.S.S. Concept – Keep It Simple Stupid or my slant – Savage’. If for no other reason than that there is just not enough time in the week to learn and then master all those techniques you’ve kept piling up. From my operational experience when the ‘shit hits the fan’ you’ll wish you had spent some time doing a little culling or wished your systems leader had, before teaching you a lot of nonsense. And this goes for not just the physical techniques of self defense but the tactics and all that mental training that today seems to be the new buzz word – you know, Adrenalin stress response and so forth. There is a whole new kit of bad self defense terminology buzz words one has to learn today like, soft tissue control, optical lobe distraction – and a ton of other theories that could be culled because they have very little validation backing them up outside of the marketing value they impose on naive people. So we could cull a bunch of that nonsense as well because unless it is validated in operational environments it’s just more junk going in the ‘kit bag’!

So now my household has caught up to my own combatives and fitness training theory of what should be kept or thrown out! How about you? In the military for example I spent a whole career carrying my ‘house’ on my back and learned to keep my rucksack – minimalistic and bring only what’s needed to get the job done, thus keeping the weight down so I could move rapidly – that meant being better able to move, shoot and communicate under intense pressure. Realistic skill and knowledge that I carried with me into police service especially ERT/SWAT and why I teach a pressure tested combatives system the way I do today!

If you’re not sure you need to cull your training then why don’t you come and train with me. I am a big believer in ‘battle testing’ the curriculum – all aspects of the curriculum physically, tactically, mentally and even spiritually. Aren’t you? Or perhaps you’re afraid to find out. You’ve just got too much training baggage! Perhaps your ego and pride are holding you back from culling – well I see that as baggage of the emotional content variety and experience has taught me there is no place for that in combat. Or worse, I see too much of this for it ever to be good – your training background is so cult like, with secret this or that, soft flow drills and unusual mental training aspects that you’re afraid if you do cull you’ll be expelled from that elite group because you questioned the ‘guru’? When did you let someone ‘cull personal leadership and common sense’ out of you? That would be an important question in my mindset!

So join me for the great cull I call BATTLESCHOOL just a few months away. Register today and I’ll turn your world upside down as you find out what is really needed!