Tactical Communication: 3 Signs Your In-Flight Voice Has Grabbed Hold

Tactical Communication

The ability of your personal protection to grow is directly linked with your ability to powerfully articulate and communicate your defense to the enemy (s).

It’s like a verbal sword that slices its way to hold off the enemy before they gain confidence and invade your ‘reactionary gap’ and strike.

But let me ask you, how many times have you backtracked or even diluted your core message out of fear someone might not like it?

How many times have you let the fear of criticism or judgement from other people (many of whom are bullies) caused you to feel wishy-washy or just plain caught like a deer in the headlights?

We all have a natural tendency to think we are going to say the right thing at the right time. Yet when fear gets hold of us we become so out of balance that it causes us to shut our mouth and bury our fighting brilliance, the tactics we’ve rehearsed and the stability of our warrior backbone stands compromised.

I commonly refer to the villain behind this mental attack as “Tonic Immobility” Its main goal is to shatter the Communications link in your ‘tactical awareness cortex’ so your TacCom stays muzzled and strangely nothing comes out clearly.

How you communicate, using command language, is what convinces bullies or threats that they need to leave you alone—that they must back off—and that you have the power to defend yourself not them.

3 Signs Your In-Flight Voice Has Grabbed Hold

If you have a feeling you’re not showing up as powerfully as you should in the situation, chances are your “Fight or Flight Mechanism” has elbowed your brilliant mindset away from the tactical problem and stolen the words you need to use. Here are 3 signs that indicate this gremlin is hard at work:

1. Communicating what you think ‘The Bad Guy’ WANTS to hear

Instead of boldly speaking your mind, you tailor your message and your opinions based on what you think will not create a violent backlash. Bullies can feel it when we waffle – and so can you. In this process of pre-judging and assessing others, we are taken out of our brilliance and ability to think of self defense.

2. Constantly Sugar Coating the Response

You’re reluctant to express how you really feel, often sugar coating the answer to their threats. You have been emotionally ‘high-jacked’ and can’t use your TacCom. Although this may feel “frozen” and even “gone” in the short-term, it eventually causes a major blockage in forms of your defense mechanism. Our unspoken words feed the bullies intent and drives you further into flight because you’ve chosen not to verbally deal with this passive-aggressive behavior before now to stop acceleration into physical violence.

3. Avoid Confrontation Like the Plague

If you find yourself constantly talking around issues or trying to reason your way out, chances are you are speaking from your emotional head and not your indomitable fighting spirit and rational heart. Bullies can pick up on the lack of energetic transmissions you are offering and that you’re diluting your response. Remember, you must take a stand for yourself or the “Wishy-Washy Pleaser” in you will always try and set you up for failure and attack.


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