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Everyone has the inherent right to self defense. But this right is subject to the ‘case law’ of the country you live in and that case law creates a scalable concept of the force you may bring to bear when under threat. The days of using the attitude ‘better judged by 12 then carried by six’ is long over. Use of force is generally a concept which started out being widely used by the police and military to justify the physical and psychological force they would have to apply when arresting or killing a ‘bad guy’. In a nut shell, you are allowed to use only the amount of force necessary to subdue an assailant to end the conflict that is deemed reasonable. What we tend to forget, in the court’s eyes and all too often in the media and public mindset alike, is that the ‘bad guy ‘selected the force option you used against him. So today if you don’t understand your right of defense you get hang out to dry by every agency you can think off because of your lack of knowledge!
Why? because this concept ‘use of force’ is a subjective interpretation of what the public especially the politically correct side has input on! Important as it is it is still a subjective idea and level of force is really a philosophy that relies on you evoking physical force, hurting or killing someone, that would have to be justified in a court of law something often referred to as ‘the reasonable mans act’.

Imagine what this scale would look like; perhaps a scale measuring from 1 – 10. 1 means no force and 10 means death. Somewhere on that scale an attacker using force comes at you in a threatening manner. He could be uttering threats of minor to severe physical contact in either a passive or assaultive manner which would fall on that scale. Their actions would then in kind create your emotional reaction in you to the threat which would lend itself to how you deal with the assailant. Past experiences being your main emotional fuel for choosing your reaction to the threat now before you. The lawful theory here is, you could and should respond one level above that which you are attacked with. Of course you make your force selection in seconds while the court of law judging those actions can take all the time it wants to deem if what you’ve done is a correct lawful level of force. How many of you leave your safety up to luck rather than learning how to manage it? Do you even know what your force options are?
This is where everyone, unless your trained in proper ‘use of force’, find themselves in a whole lot of trouble and end up facing the law after a critical incident. This is why, when you come to train with me, I spend so much time going over this so you understand your right of defense. You are trained to take in all the tactical information so you can justify your force options. Staying rational vs. emotional is also a very important trained concept I insist you master so you select the right force option.
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    When is your next core course?


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