Safe “Trick or Treating” tips; Don’t be tricked!


It’s HERE! It is Halloween! Millions of children dress up and go door to door to strangers homes and call out ‘Trick or Treat’ and receive a handful of candy!

For kids it’s a pretty sweet night!

Now I’ve not done this since the 80’s/90’s with my oldest daughter.  Back then I was a police officer and had first hand encounters of the ghoulish side of innocent acts of ‘trick or treating’ .  I got to see first hand the kind of things disturbed persons put in candy or fruit.

Now this year I am doing it again with my kids. They are looking forward to dressing up in their costumes and going trick or treating.  So as I go walking the block this Halloween with 3 little toddlers trying to let them have their traditional FUN, while keeping them safe.  So here’s some simple basics > what to do and look for

> Keeping close at a discreet distance (all that VIP training coming into play here)
> Keep my eyes on them so no face in the phone
> Dressed for the weather
> Costumes fit, kids run void tripping
> See THEM (illuminated with scary glow sticks for safety)
> See YOU (illuminated with glow sticks & flashlight for safety)
> Roads = Cars + Dark – take extra precautions
> Firecrackers and young kids don’t mix,
> No fruit
> No baked goods
> No stickers or “strange paper”
> No small toys choking hazard

In my case I’ll be wearing some agile type foot wear because my 20 month old is fast and likes to bolt making control a challenge!  When we get home I will most likely switch out the candy they received with stuff I bought and slip that into their buckets!  Yes I have trust issues from all those cop years and I figure better safe than sorry not to mention mine and Mom’s peace of mind.

I would check with your local police department and their website and see what they are concerned about for kids safety this year as well.

One of the new sick twists to spiking candy and or ‘stickers and lace them with the drug fentanyl (it can kill right then and there if swallowed) and then there is the threat of drugs disguised as candy, marijuana candy – medical marijuana comes in the form of gummy bears to gold fish (some idiots think it’s funny or harmless to give this shit to kids)   Remember to check for ‘booby-trapped candy’   razor blades are still being hidden in chocolate candy and pins in apples.  My local police department has warned the public about this and you wonder why I replace my kids trick or treat candy with stuff I bought.

My kids will have FUN! and I hope yours do too  And let’s make sure they’re safe on the road and after too as they dive into that overflowing ‘trick or treat’ bucket!


hazards to look out for:

Fentanyl laced paper:

Razors in candy: