RETOOLING the Minds Reaction for Combat


Why Is Re-Tooling Your Current Training For Combat Important?


If you have attended any of my training events you’ll hear me go on about the importance of keeping your head on your shoulders as a foundational component in all realistic combatives training. I find the true importance of the battlefield component in combatives training is still overshadowed today because of the current value military combatives training has placed on sports-based martial arts programs. This includes the various military adaptations of Brazilian jujitsu being taught as their sole combatives training and therefore it is often referenced as validation for why police agencies have adopted offshoots of these programs as police use of force. And of course there is the civilian market where it has become the be-all and end-all of realistic training.

I find this unfortunate because all too often those responsible for the major impact of this style of new military combatives training have themselves never served in uniform nor had the responsibility of being an operational tasked soldier. I understand sports events like the UFC can be brutal but it is still just a sports event where death or serious bodily harm is not common place at all. If you fuck up you’re not going to die like in a combat operation or face a huge public outcry as we see with police agencies. So I find it hard to accept input on combat training from sport-based practitioners, who never had the physiological experience of combat or the responsibility to train soldiers to survive in that environment, being given that kind of control for military/police organizations. The military has had one of the oldest and best forms of no nonsense hand-to-hand combat training for developing a soldier’s mind and body after decades of combat operations that training was based on a validated combatives system. Thus bolstering the soldiers’ mental and spiritual power this training was a force multiplier in life and death threats and close combat training has been one of the main training vehicles to establish that seriously needed connection. Do you find that hard to believe?

I also find current military training in combatives, from what I have been exposed to, is misleading. There is no full scope to its curriculum when you consider the tactics, fighting technique, or mental training being taught for a soldier’s battlefield readiness. This training is not for facing realistic close combat struggles but rather more bent on the illusion of building skills for a UFC match which is hardly real combat perpetration. I always ask soldiers why their commanding officer wants them to learn hand-to- hand and the answer is always a gung ho rousing, “to kill the enemy sir”. An answer you would expect. But my answer is, “No he wants to build your assertive confidence so you will close with the enemy by killing or capturing them”. Of course that is a reality-check, I am from a different generation of soldiering or so I am told by many current military combatives instructors and perhaps a little too old school in mindset as well. But that of course is why I know the difference between the standards of training in my day compared to what I have experienced in combatives training today. This too is why I know this old school approach to training is so important not just to a soldier but a police officer and you. Not all training today weather military, police or martial arts, in my opinion, is good practice because the value of combat stress is left out of the training session and I am not even talking about the physical applications or techniques being taught. Mainly I feel because today’s instructors don’t have this level of training they don’t know its importance in producing the final product; that individual(s) assertive confident mind/body connection to perform at the highest physical and mental levels when faced with the harsh tasks ahead and why see so much PTSD today.

In my day, high levels of stress in combatives training was considered a good thing. But I am sick and tired of being told by most military trainers today, “that deployment is stressful enough so we should not invoke it in class”. My own operational experience has shown me there is more stress created in the pre-deployment phase by useless training because it occupies space in your consciousness and thereby slows the rate at which you can make use of combatives skill in action when closing with the enemy. It’s like filling your computer’s memory with clutter; incorrect fighting technique, tactics and high levels of emotional content based training which has the effect of reducing your processing speed in high stress situations. And of course most often leading you to make the wrong tactical choice because your emotions get hijacked under a stress load you’ve not been trained for. And remember you always react the way you’ve been trained.

In my combatives the mind/body connection is of unique importance and therefore I want to train using tactically correct information so I can make sense of the threat; giving my trained awareness subconscious room to work in battle. In my training all too often I find the operators brain needs to be re-tooled to what is needed while restricting the incorrect already trained combatives information that sets one up for failure. This means we need some way to re-program that already loaded information that gives them the wrong responses especially those sports-based responses and that means not only just the psychical skills but tactical skills as well. Combat operations in a high stress environment must enhance the brain’s ability to form the correct tactical picture, make connections between those threats, solve problems, and act clearly under stress and decide on action in a heartbeat. This is something no modern day corporate executive or politician could do in seconds and live with for the rest of their lives. But we send 19 year olds off to war or patrol the streets of your city against terrorists expecting them to pull it off. Most of their close combat training is based on sports-based jujitsu or worse nothing at all. Think about the mental state of any soldier or cop who has never been in a street fight in their life or ask yourself how prepared you are to react and act tactically correct with the knowledge that if you screw up the whole world is going to come knocking. The ramifications are life threatening and life changing on a scale you could not imagine! And having been there myself I want people trained by me prepared and ready not just to face the physical danger but the whole mental ‘nine yards’ that comes with the incident’s aftermath!

Therefore, I will engage you mentally in combatives training where you’re required to think using extreme focus. Learning to stay rational in training scenarios you will be less likely to become emotionally hijacked due to the stress of the situation you’re facing in the real world. In my training I train you for the mental and spiritual load of battle focus, this will increase blood flow to the brain and that helps you get that needed combat state of mind. The very nature of this high stress based training of mine makes it difficult not to focus on trained techniques under pressure. What I want you to do is to be able to call on your rational subconscious versus that emotional sport-based training mindset all too common in today’s training where; the emotional content takes its place front and centre at the expense of the rationally correct tactical mindset.

The scope and focus of my style of comabtives is to build the correct neurotransmitters in your brain. Battle or street violence requires quick thinking, focus and co-ordination to the immediate threat. Sports-based mental training does not lend itself to tactical-thought production as readily as repetitive combat based factual training. The specifics of my training help stimulate and charge that part of the brain you will need to use in these situations void of crowd induced ego and blood lust. Through rather high intensity scenario-based training we strip out the incorrect training applications and through practice the brain learns new memory bundles (neurotransmitters) that produce coordination and targeted concentration. It changes you physically by making new neurotransmitters those memory bundles that are replacing first emotionally charged neuron responses to the threat that too often lead to the wrong action. Rather, my aim is to create a correct mind/body connection keeping the brain active and in a constant state of developing and construction so it can face those threats in any form. Once a student becomes proficient at my type of combatives and can do it seamlessly, without thought, the benefit to the neurotransmitters is massive and creates that assertive confidence we need in professionals like soldiers and police officers and people just like you when it comes to dealing with violence.

This is why I am continually improving the vital aspects of my training process so we are always engaging the students with learning tactical co-ordination and planning which helps build their combatives based neurotransmitters. Combatives training must do more than teach just psychical skills like ground fighting. It must be a well balanced training program and must have built in structured challenges that test the student’s level of mental comfort and build those cerebral benefits needed for combating stress. And it must remove weak habitual habits and emotional content. This means we need to train a reality-based combat spirited ready instructors who can teach their students to think, make decisions and tell the body to do it under very high levels of personal stress. Because after all the brain can be a very confused piece of kit when faced with life-threatening violence. We must use these highly trained instructors to develop the indomitable fighting spirit which cannot be hijacked by crowd dynamics because we know in the real world of violence that spirit is the force multiplier every combatant wishes they had and keeps us rational and fighting in the face of that threat and associated environment. And herein is the importance of my combatives instructor program.

So you won’t see me changing my instructors training tempo any time soon. If you want to learn more about my instructors training and how how I develop mentors and leaders come on my next 14-day instructor’s course. See you at the Resort…

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