Recent Knife Attacks

Bill Wolfe

Question from Marc:

..”Recently there were three incidences in western Canada of multiple -stabbings in a warehouse, a college, each individual stabbed consecutively (more than one person in a group setting). How would you deal with that situation? Myself, I’d probably get killed trying to defend all of the victims with a foot ball tackle below the knees, or call out tackle, tackle and put a jacket over his head to get control. But mostly fear grips us all”…


I am not sure how you want me to address this issue. In my opinion there is so much unrealistic training out there about defending yourself from a knife attack so therefore there must be a magic answer. Hollywood fight scenes sure make it look easy, as does just about every knife demonstration I have ever seen. But! Your tactic may work if the assailant is not expecting it and you hit him extremely hard so he drops the weapon.

As for those tragic circumstances you mentioned I cannot comment as I am not privy to all the facts. However, I can tell you from having survived a knife attack myself, basically an ambush, if you are trained (and I mean properly) your training will take over. But first keep in mind no one is a hundred percent aware all the time, I wasn’t, and I am sure the victims in these cases had no idea of what was about to befall them. Therefore you will need to understand how to develop your own awareness spectrum and control your fear reaction so you can pull off a defense in a split second. We talk and train a lot about this in my classes ‘the terrible risk trio’ and how, if you are not trained, your ‘fight or flight’ kicks in and you go into a black state panic and any attempt at defense is marred by your lack of effective and relevant training. I’m guessing the attackers in these cases had no knife training and this is what makes a knife such an effective weapon. Anyone can use it with ease and deadly effectiveness. You don’t really win a knife attack you survive it, especially against someone who is deranged. It’s quick, silent and deadly!

So think! The next time someone touches you on the shoulder what is your response? Think about your reaction then you might have a pretty good idea of why victims don’t fight back or if they do, it’s after they have been stabbed and that response is never pretty. These attacks occurred in what the victims believed to be a safe environment, just like your work place lunch room. I’m pretty sure you don’t go through the day thinking that one of your fellow workers is going to go nuts and start stabbing people. That’s why when you get touched on the back you’ll most likely think nothing of it.

We just went through these knife attack/Ambush scenarios on the weekend; a 4 day course I teach called CORE. No magic answers just training on the physical, mental and tactical applications of defense tactics. No one found the defensive actions easy “and they knew they would be attacked”. Your mind & body has to catch up to the actions of the attacker and fear can really cloud that in a heartbeat. Remember “How you train is how you will react”! Not many people seek training and they don’t manage their safety, they leave it up to luck. So the question

for you is, are you training to be aware and safe or are you one of the many who believe in luck? There is always room on the next CORE Course and I can answer your concerns first hand up close and personal!
Bill Wolfe
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  1. I like what Bill was saying regarding proper training and awareness. I wished he could have elaborated on how to actually protect yourself against knife attacks. Also,how do you recover from an ambush or barrage of punches by one or more people? How and where do you get the recuperative powers?

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