Mental Training for Combat



If you have attended any of my training events you’ll hear me go on about the importance of mental training as an important component of all combatives training. This aspect is overshadowed today by the current military training mindset for sports-based combatives and I find that unfortunate. The military has had one of the oldest forms of no nonsense mind/body training as a means of boosting a soldiers’ mental and spiritual power. You find that hard to believe?

Sadly current military training in combatives is somewhat misleading when it comes to its full scope as per battlefield readiness. I always ask soldiers why their commanding officer wants them to learn hand-to-hand and the answer is always a gung ho rousing yell ‘to kill sir’. An answer you would expect especially since you’ve been watching all those war movies about Navy SEALS. But my answer is ‘No’ it’s to build assertive confidence so you will close with the enemy’. Of course, I am from a different generation of soldier so I am told perhaps a little too old school hence why I know this training is so important. Not all training today weather military, police or martial arts, in my opinion, is good practice because the combative stress is left out of the training session. Mainly because today’s instructors don’t have this level of training themselves and therefore overlook its importance to producing the final product; that individual(s) they train mind/body connection for the task ahead.

In my army, high levels of stress in combatives training was considered a good thing.  But I am told by most military trainers today, “that life is stressful enough so we should not invoke it in class”. But there is more stress created in an individual by useless training because it occupies space in their consciousness and thereby slows the rate at which they can make use of combatives skill in action. It’s like filling your computer’s memory and clutter it up with incorrect technique tactics thus reducing your processing speed in high stress situations. And of course most often leading you to make the wrong tactical choice because you always react the way you’re trained.

In my combatives the mind/body connection is of unique importance and therefore I want to train using tactical correct information so I can make sense of the threat; giving my trained awareness subconscious room to work in battle. In my training all too often I find the operators’ brain needs to be retrained to what is needed while restricting the incorrect already trained tactical information that sets one up for failure. This means we need some way to re-program that already loaded information that gives them the wrong responses and that means not only just the psychical ones but tactical ones as well. In combat or high stress environments training must enhance your brain’s ability to form the correct tactical picture, make connections between those threats, solve problems, and act clearly under stress then decide on action.

When we engage you mentally in my combatives training you’re required to think using extreme focus. Staying rational you will be less likely to be emotionally hijacked due to the stress of the situation you’re facing in the real world. In my training I will train your mental and spiritual focus, this will increase blood flow to the brain and that helps you get that needed combat state of mind. The very nature of this high stress based training makes it difficult not to focus on trained techniques under pressure. What I want you to do is to be able to call on your rational subconscious versus that emotional sport-based training mindset all too common in today’s training where ‘the emotional content’ takes its place front and centre at the expense of the rationally correct tactical mindset.

The scope and focus of my style of comabtives is to build the correct neurotransmitters in your brain. Battle or street violence requires quick thinking, focus and co-ordination, sports-based mental training does not lend itself to tactical-thought production as readily as repetitive combat based factual training. The specifics of my training help stimulate and charge that part of the brain you will need to use in these situations. Through rather high intensity based training we strip out the incorrect training applications and through practice the brain learns new ‘memory bundles’ (neurotransmitters) that produce coordination and targeted concentration.  It changes you physically by making new neurotransmitters those memory bundles that are replacing first emotionally charged neuron responses to the threat that lead too often to wrong action. Rather, my aim is to create a correct mind/body connection keeping the brain active and in a constant state of developing and construction so it can face those threats in any form. Once a student becomes proficient at my type of combatives and can do it seamlessly, without thought, the benefit to the neurotransmitters is massive and creates that assertive confidence we need in professionals like soldiers and police officers and people just like you.

This is why I am continually changing up the training process you attend so we are always engaging the student with constantly thinking tactical co-ordination and planning which also helps build combatives based neurotransmitters. Combatives training must do more than teach only some sort of psychical skills, it must also challenge the student’s level of mental comfort and challenge and build those cerebral benefits needed for combating stress. This means we need to train a combat spirited ready individual who thinks, makes decisions and tells the body to do it under very high levels of personal stress because after all the brain can be a very confused piece of kit when faced with life-threatening violence. We too must then develop the ‘indomitable fighting spirit’ because in the real world of violence that spirit is the ‘force multiplier’ every combatant wishes they had and keeps us rational in the face of that threat. And herein is the importance of my training.

So you won’t see me changing my training any time soon. You want to learn more about the mind/body connection and how I develop it come on course. See you on the mats…at Battleschool August 28th-September 1st 2017 more training as always at