Here We Go Again

Katana Wolfe

What is the most exciting thing to happen to you in awhile? Was it life changing or just so so?


Well on August 5th 2014 at 0320hrs my world was rocked yet again and what a WOW it was!


For you see, I saw my beautiful baby daughter Katana being born, yes all 7lbs 13oz of her. In a miraculous 15 minutes Ash delivered this incredible little bundle and yes mother and baby are doing just great thank you.

Just when you think life is getting boring or routine ‘bang it happens’ (not saying my life is boring or routine but…) Think about it; an old fart like me experiencing this joy all over again. Yes I said old fart, anyone past 60 having kids is truly something; my oldest daughter Lauren is 30, Hilton, my son, just turned 16 months and now Katana. I know you’re reading this and either thinking I’m mad or just about the luckiest guy in the world. And to be honest both sentiments are probably correct. As I have often told you, my training keeps you ready for anything!

Did I tell you I had the easy part in all this, because I just stood around with this dumb smile on my face while Ash did all the work? I have not heard anyone scream that loud since the last time I was forced to listen to rap music. Talk about a bag drill performance!

Katana and family are doing just great and we thank everyone for all your well wishes and support. I know everyone is wondering when we’ll get back to training and that will be soon. But for now I am enjoying this next phase in my life and watching an incredible lady raise our kids. Who would have known ‘Glambo’ would actually mean ‘super mom’!


See on the mats soon…

3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. Hi Bill

    my warmest congrats on being a dad again …wishingyou and your wife all the best in the world ……greetings from belguim

    al and mayuko johnson

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