2015 Years End Round Up

I get a huge amount of insight into what martial arts/self defense students and trainers, just like you, are thinking when it comes to starting and looking for new training for 2016.  Whether that be through questions about my combative system, on-line training, training DVD’s or the TV documentaries I have done about WWII Combatives I have listened.  I learned about the important training concepts and more importantly the most common shortfalls that are made in this self defense industry and the many different styles or systems you’ve practiced.


Want your 2016 to be a training success? Check this out.   My roundup of the 7 biggest concerns you’ve pointed out to me.


Read on… We’re taking a hard look at the problems that you’re finding when trying to find realistic self defense training.  I’ve chatted on the phone and online with hundreds of trainees from various systems every month and here’s what I hear you saying. At the end of all these points I will add my two bits worth about how I can help fix it.


This industry is unique, because there are no rules or regulations governing it or who can provide training. You have mentioned disappointment, frustration and in some cases outright fraud in your quest for realistic self defense training. If you’re like me you’ve made a few mistakes along the road to discovery (or enlightenment if you wish). As you do your own due diligence that means things can only get better from here! So let’s get started.


Here are the major concerns you’ve shared with me.

  1. Every provider is an expert: Surprisingly, this seems to be the number one concern.  Who to believe and who not to believe. Many trainers still believe that BS bafals brains and the student will come through the door regardless. It may seem tempting to buy into what’s been said or advertised but check usout first because it takes a lot more to being a subject matter expert than what you might find online and/or on social media. Cut through the nonsense and see if our background will add value to your training or not.  Often the resume is all about promoting more than adding value.  So take some time and do some research.
  2. You’re finding Sports-based training passed off as realistic self defense tactics: Let’s face it, the sports-based martial arts like BJJ and MMA have done a very good job of marketing themselves, and some of their training can be quite brutal. But as so many of you found, who have experienced the difference between ring competition and street violence,there is a great deal tactically and mentally missing in the sports-based training methodology. And the big one is, there are ‘NO RULES’ on the street like there is for competitions. This is where the old saying comes into play “How you train is how you react”. So you’ll have to put the street back into sports-based training, after all they cleaned it up for the ring. They’re selling to a pre-existing UFC fascinated audience and don’t prioritize self defense training.
  3. You want WWII Hand-to-Hand Combat training; Well good luck on that search as all the authentic WWII instructors are long dead. You’re telling me the WWII comabtives experts you’ve come across are not really all that expert. And I agree most of the ones I’ve meet have never served in the military themselves so how did they come across this expertise? You’ll need a time machine if you want the real stuff or you’ll have to settle for someone like me; EX Army, Regimental Sergeant Major, military trained and schooled instructor with some operational experience. Guys like me, who came into the military at the end of the WWII vets era, are tasked with keeping the linage they taught us alive.  We aren’t building our email list to see who wants to be more deadly than deadly.Bill WEolfes Knife Training
  4. You want real self defense training but can’t find it; Well be careful what you wish for because you might find it here. That means you’ll have to give up looking for the magic training pill, empty your cup of the nonsense and put in a ‘ton’ of sweat equity into real training. 1000 times to learn a habit 10,000 times to break a negative habit in authentic self defense training. And forget the BS about “When the student is ready the master will appear.” But like your doing now you’ll have to find the master and most likely get of your backside and travel to train with him because they don’t do a whole lot of marketing so you’ll find them.
  5. Real Mind/body Training; you’re looking for a more Special Forces vs. Eastern mindset philosophy in training so you can harness your own fear reaction and come to terms with violence in all its forms today. After all, it’s your brain that makes the first reaction to the violent act and you’re looking for how it (your brain )works and how to keep the ‘jockey on the horse’ in these situations so your emotions don’t high-jack your rational tactical response. And I agree it’s a very important aspect in modern training but there’s far too much bull being offered up in this type of mindful training and toomany students give up if they don’t feel immediate results. Sorry, No shake and bake if you want to be a real warrior!Bill Wolfes PT
  6. Do I have to be fit for training: Well it would sure help wouldn’t it?  Isn’t itamazing that people think you don’t need fitness in self defense training! Or the ex military types I hear from asking me how to get back into shape (I guess they forgot the part about ‘excuses are reason for failure’ they learned in the military). I tell people, if you want to train with me, the first stepis to start with your personal fitness and then get into learning self defense because if  you’re dead ass tired from the fitness component in training you’re not going to retain very much skill-wise. Remember no magic pills and the better shape you’re in the better your chance for survival. And fitness is the only fountain of youth I found so yes it’s areal important first step to serious training!
  7. Does it hurt?: Again a pretty stupid question, real training in self defense requires you to suck up some physical and perhaps emotional pain in order to learn the skills and tactics. In my experience you need to mix it up to see how it works and/or correct mistakes. If nothing else pain in training answers the question for you ‘can I handle it’ on the street. In my book this is a process and people today need to build up the mind/body to this level of training (we’re not as tough as our grandfathers were). Again no magic pills you cannot win on the street without taking some hard knocks in training. That’s the reality princess, ‘so learn to suck it up’.


I could go on, but I think these top 7 are a good starting point in your training conversation here in the last few days of 2015. I understand it can be tempting to throw together a bunch of different styles of training and making a scrappy image of that training in your mind.  You add a short description of what you’re striving for in your mind and then go online looking for it. Most of you have being doing just that but what is the net result so far? This is what every online expert does from the various comments I’ve had found reading the critiques of my blogs or my Youtube channel content. Remember anyone can be an expert today and the bloggers lead the way!


Myself, I actually have a depth of knowledge and expertise on this subject that they clearly do not have. My expertise is derived from decades of training, coupled with decades of operational military and police service that has branded my training experience and the courses I offer today their content I brain stormed over 40 years ago and testing the core value of this subject matter in the decades that followed using it and teaching real soldiers and police officers to fight as they served in ‘harms way’. So like I did all those decades ago you’ll have to do the same , because there was a lot of BS training back then too, you’ll also want to determine if this type of training is a fit for you. Once you figure that out, you can incorporate this training into everything you do and then you’re that much closer to creating a consistent warrior experience for yourself. I am assuming you’ll spend the due diligence over the next decade or two to accomplish that. So check me out, I may be able to speed that learning curve up for you.


Wolfes Training is not for everyone but it might just be what you’re looking for. So start with my CORE Training DVD. I produced it over a decade ago to answer the very questions you’ve put to me and those 7 key points we discussed above. When you get the DVD, and you can download it from my website store, go right to the fitness chapter and start there. Once you’ve built up your fitness then get into the physical skills of self defense and the street tactics which are incorporated into the program. Then start working on the chapter on mental training because in the long run this will be the cement that holds the whole training package together under real world pressure. Build your core knowledge of physical skills, tactics, fitness and mind/body connection; train hard, the more sweat equity you put into the process the more you get out of it. Remember still no magic pills, no valid black ops secret societies, you’ve probably already discovered that for yourself. How to train is how you react and that’s not very politically correct these days and nor is my CORE DVD.


So with 2016 HERE you can keep searching, wondering or hope for the best or train with me. You’re not going to win any tournaments with what I’ll teach you, but it just might save your life. If that is your goal then like I said, start with your fitness and then we’ll get you on the mats.


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