#1 QUESTION: Why don’t more instructors teach this stuff?

After participants complete my 4-day CORE Course, the most common question they ask is, “Why don’t more instructors teach this stuff?” And of course as you reflect on that question yourself, it will be difficult to explain ‘this stuff’ to you if you’ve never taken CORE!


I guess the Readers Digest answer to that question is: ‘experience’ ‘my experience’.  An old army WWII vet I knew Joe Glass (S/Sgt FSSF), once addressed a bunch of us current vets. Joe started his talk with some very clear truths and this is the one that stuck out in my mind as the most truthful of all, “How can you explain combat, if you have never been in combat, you know you can’t explain it.” And the same is very true for a serious street assault (you’ll note I said assault not a fight because there is a big difference!)   Joe has passed away now, but that truth is what he and that generation of warriors tried to teach us before we ‘crossed the start-line in battle’.  Like Joe I find it hard to explain to those who have never done it.
I designed a 4-day course that would give the best answer to that question. Experience has taught me many hard lessons; lessons learned as the army calls them and so has the police service.  A long time ago I experienced the weakness in traditional martial arts and sports-based training, when faced with high levels of life threatening violence.

What CORE covers, is what I have always defaulted to. It has saved my life.  Not many people can say that, but I can hence why I approach training perhaps differently.  Men like Joe Glass and soldiers like him ingrained that knowledge and skill in me physically, mentally and tactically.  Not only was I given the mindfulness to use my skill and knowledge, but the indomitable fighting spirit to never give up in the face of a threat or obstacle.  Having that ‘driven home’ is what makes you conquer yourself.  And CORE is designed to bridge that in whoever participates.


Of course CORE’s level of training on that realistic physical, mental and tactical plane is what they are referring to as ‘this stuff’.  I don’t know why other instructors don’t have that standard or teach it my way.  Of course it’s experience, but as I said how can I really explain the difference if you’ve never been on CORE!  You can’t!

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